Episode 108

#108 When "No" equals "Not Over" - Karen Ramirez

This week our guest host Karen Ramirez, founder of Sporting Sheroes, introduces a powerful concept: “No doesn’t mean no, it means not over.”

Inspired by Kanya King, founder of the MOBO Awards, Karen explores the idea that setbacks and “no” moments in sports and life are not definitive endings but rather opportunities for new beginnings.

She reflects on recent sports events, emphasizing the resilience showcased by athletes and coaches in the face of challenges. Karen uses examples like the GB Women’s Hockey Team’s Olympic qualification and Sarina Wiegman’s contract extension to illustrate how setbacks can lead to renewed determination and fresh possibilities. She introduces a three-pillar framework—investment, belief, and coaching of skills and mindset—to guide individuals and sports organizations in navigating their paths to success.

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