Episode 127

#127 - Securing Sponsorship: Your Ultimate Guide to Funding Your Sport - Karen Ramirez

In this episode, we explore sponsorship, a fundamental way to fund your sport at any level. Whether you're an elite athlete or part of a grassroots team, securing sponsorship can seem daunting. We’ll address common doubts, such as not having a sponsorship package ready, feeling not good enough, and not knowing where to start.

Join Karen Ramirez as she shares practical advice on creating a compelling sponsorship package, identifying potential sponsors, and marketing your proposal effectively. She also discusses setting clear expectations with sponsors and delivering on your promises to build lasting partnerships.

Whether you're in a local rugby team, an ultimate frisbee squad, or a solo athlete like a gymnast or sprinter, this episode will provide actionable insights to help you secure the funding you need.

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Hello, I am Lorraine. I am the Head of Communications at Data Talks, producer, host of the Sports CDP crash course, and Leader of the Women in Sports: Beyond the hashtag initiative. If you are passionate about women's sports, data, selling more tickets and merchandise, and negotiating sponsorship agreements of higher value. Then feel free to get in touch with me.