Episode 18

#18 The importance of collecting data with a sports CDP


You often hear about collecting data but do you know what data you are meant to collect, why you are meant to collect it, where to collect it, and the best practices for collecting data? Today we are here to shed some much-needed light on all of this. 

First question: What is data? There are many different kinds of data one can collect but in today’s context, we are focusing on supporter data. Supporter data refers to information that relates to an identified or identifiable individual supporter.

Depending on where you get this data, it can either be classified as zero-party data, first-party, second-party or third party data. The difference in all of this is in who you collect this data from and how. For example, zero party data you get from direct interaction with a supporter for example. Think quizzes, surveys, and those sorts of interactions. First-party data gives you insights from the analytics and the web behavior of your supporters. Second-party data is another organization’s first-party data that they share with you. While third-party data is information collected by companies that don't have a direct relationship with supporters. First-party data is the data you should be aiming to collect.

Why should you collect supporter data in the first place?

Because then you can analyze this data and act on it. This is crucial for any organization, and sports organizations are not an exception. Collecting data allows you to work in a data-driven manner. This in turn helps you:

  • Sell more tickets and merchandise by delivering hyper-personalized supporter experiences
  • boost your sponsorship value by approaching sponsors which your supporters have a high affinity for
  • Increase fan engagement and loyalty by delivering the right message to the right supporter at the right time and through the right Channel
  • Basically, filling out the stadium at any given chance

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