Episode 35

#35 10 Key components you should include in your marketing strategy today

As we have previously discussed, strategy is important because it is your roadmap to achieving all your organizational goals and beyond. Today we will expand on this by giving you 10 key components to include in your marketing strategy.

  1. Adopt a supporter-centric approach - this means putting your supporters at the center of everything you do. Whether it’s your pricing or communications, let your supporters be at the heart of it. Once your supporters see how much you value them, their likelihood of sticking by you, through thick and thin, is much higher.
  2. Personalization is the second component to include in your marketing strategy This means delivering the right message to the right supporter at the right time and through the right channel. - Personalization is indeed another way of being supporter-centric. This will not only drive supporter loyalty but it will increase your revenue.
  3. Third on the list is, working data-driven - how can you possibly be supporter-centric or deliver personalized messaging if you are not working data-driven? So consider this your first point of action before you proceed with anything else. We will include some resources in the description about how you can get started on working data drive.
  4. Content is king - so this is yet another component to include in your marketing strategy. From content about live games or past games to supporter-generated content, supporters are hungry for more thanks to the hyper-digitalized world we live in. So, give your supporters what they want!
  5. Next up, you have to prioritize OTT - traditional broadcasting and live matches are still great but OTT is another amazing opportunity. Especially for small sports organizations and underrepresented groups such as women in sports. OTT gives you back the power to reach your supporters and show them your games.
  6. Number six, leverage your social media platforms - this one is great because by now the majority of sports organizations understand the importance of social media. You can reach your fans directly and interact with them without much delay. Hopefully, you are well on your way with this component.
  7. Influencer marketing is another vital component to include in your marketing strategy. This has become crucial and can be evidenced in sports such as boxing. Influencer marketing is great because it helps you create excitement about your games while also offering a personal feel that younger fans often find easier to relate to.
  8. Eight, you have to incorporate new sponsorship opportunities - “According to Nielsen’s 2021 Trust in Advertising Study, 81% of global respondents either completely or somewhat trust brand sponsorships at sporting events.” So embrace new partnership sponsorship opportunities such as Crypto/Blockchain/NFT, Automotive, and Insurance because the chances of a high return on investment are high.
  9. This next component is one that you should approach with great care and consideration. Do your research first to ensure that you get it right. This component is, to make social justice a key component of your marketing strategy.There is a great opportunity for sports organizations to address social justice issues on their platforms. Issues such as diversity, equality and inclusion are very crucial to sports. Why not look around and see if there is any impact you can make in this area.
  10. Last but certainly not least, You should prioritize women's sports - by making women in sports an essential part of your sports marketing strategy, you are at the same time ensuring that women’s sports receive more exposure – across your own channels and beyond. If you don’t know where to begin with this, why not collaborate with us on our initiative women in sports: beyond the hashtag? Find details in the description below.

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