Episode 32

#32 Win over Gen Z fans and make them loyal

In this episode, we will give you a concise guide on how you can win over Gen Z fans.

  1. Focus on World-class fan experience in and outside the stadium -this is something that we touched open in our previous episode with Julia Roca Valverde. Instead of just the game, as was previously the norm, focus on the entertainment value as well. A sport that is doing this well over in the United States is boxing. Which is now one of the top three fastest-growing sports in the US. Boxing uses influencers as a marketing tool to generate buzz and excitement about the sport. This buzz is often felt both online and offline, both in stadium and outside of the stadium.
  2. Prioritize your OTT platform - stop just relying on traditional broadcasting. OTT is where the magic happens too. Did you know that the Spanish football league LaLiga has streamed a whole match on TikTok? This generated 733,000 total viewers while the conventional broadcast on TV channel yielded an average audience of 678,000.
  3. Take advantage of technology - we have come such a long way with technology it would be a shame if you did not use this to your advantage. Technologies such as NFTs, VR broadcasting, and virtual fan clubs increase entertainment and engagement value for fans, thus increasing loyalty.
  4. Engage through social media and influencers - we mentioned TikTok earlier. Use social media to your advantage. Use it to listen in on what your fans want, what they are talking about, and so forth.

But remember, doing any of the above will only have limited results if you are not working data-driven and with software that has you covered in all areas. Areas such as deep insights on your fans' web behavior and purchase behavior. You won’t really know what your fans want and therefore cannot give whatever that is to them without a sports CDP.

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