Episode 93

#93 To give away free tickets or to monetise - That is the question for women's sports clubs

In this episode of "Marketing the Game," we dive into a pressing debate in women's sports: the impact of giving away free tickets.

Explore the heartwarming pros, where free tickets can ignite a lifelong passion for the sport and create an electrifying atmosphere in the stadium. But we also navigate the financial reality, delving into concerns like revenue loss and the potential devaluation of the sport. Is there a middle ground that champions athletes, supports growth, and ensures financial sustainability without compromising perceived value?

Tune in to explore the complexities and nuances of this important debate in women's sports. Join us as we weigh the options and discuss how to strike a balance that uplifts and empowers. Learn how we've assisted women's sports clubs in navigating this intricate landscape.

To find out more, please contact Philip Nordfeldt for the DACH region, Alex Josimovic for APAC, and Palmer Foster for the UK to learn more and get your support.


Today we continue with our Marketing the Game series. we're exploring a topic that's been sparking debates across the nation – the pros and cons of women's sports clubs giving away free tickets. 

Let's start with the heartwarming pros that can make you believe in the power of generosity. First and foremost, free tickets can be a game-changer for women's sports clubs. They can fill stadiums with passionate fans, creating an electric atmosphere that players thrive on. Imagine the joy on a young girl's face when she gets her hands on a free ticket. It's not just about that single match; it's about igniting a lifelong passion for the sport. And with this increase in accessibility in women’s sports comes greater exposure, and who doesn’t like greater exposure. 

Increased fan attendance is not simply just a statistic; it's the beating heart of women's sports. These fans, new and old, become a part of something bigger, and that sense of belonging can be truly magical. And it is this magic that viewers behold in awe when watching the games on their TV screens or mobiles in the comfort of their homes. Never underestimate the power of a full stadium to transform a match from typical to phenomenal.

But, as we delve into the cons, we must navigate the tricky waters of financial reality. One of the most pressing cons is revenue loss. Women's sports clubs, often struggling for financial support, can't afford to give away tickets without feeling the pinch both short term and long.

Moreover, the issue of perceived value arises. When something is handed out for free, it may inadvertently imply that it has little worth. Can we afford to devalue the hard work and dedication of these athletes? While free tickets may attract larger crowds, they can lead to a lower perceived value of the sport. If something is free, does it mean it's not worth paying for? Furthermore, sponsorship impacts can be a real concern. Sponsors invest in sports for visibility, and if the stands are full of free ticket holders, the value of that visibility can dwindle. 

However, before we make our final call, let's reflect on the emotional aspect of this debate. Can we truly quantify the impact of inspiring the next generation of female athletes? When young eyes light up at the sight of their idols, it's a moment of pure inspiration. And what about fan engagement? The heart of any sport is its fans, and inviting more people into the fold can strengthen the bond between players and supporters. 

But here's the argument: rather than giving away tickets, why not find a balance? Women's sports deserve to be valued and supported financially. Instead of free tickets, we could offer reasonably priced ones that reflect the true worth of these athletes. By charging a reasonable price, we can secure revenue, maintain the perceived value of women's sports, and ensure that sponsors continue to invest, all while welcoming fans from all walks of life. 

In conclusion, the debate over free tickets for women's sports clubs is a complex one, with both pros and cons that touch our hearts and challenge our minds. Perhaps it's time to find a middle ground – one that champions the athletes, supports their growth, and ensures that women's sports are valued as they deserve to be. Remember, it's not just about giving away; it's about finding a balance that uplifts and empowers.

And this is something that we have helped many a-women’s sports clubs with. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if this is something you want help him.

If you are in the DACH region contact - Philip Nordfeldt

APAC - Alex josimovic

UK - Palmer Foster

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